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 Sonic Soundtracks

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PostSubject: Sonic Soundtracks    Sonic Soundtracks  I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 18, 2016 11:09 am

Ok so I know I'm not on here all that often but I do want to bring up a good discussion. When it comes to Sonic soundtracks I look at Sonic CD because it has two versions one for the JP the other for the US. However, there are a lot of Sonic games I haven't played so I can't actually say which one is the best. The last Sonic game I played was Sonic Colors little bro broke it :(. So let me know your fav soundtracks for right now my favs are Sonic CD and Sonic Unleashed.
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★ SonicFreak ★
★ SonicFreak ★

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PostSubject: Re: Sonic Soundtracks    Sonic Soundtracks  I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 18, 2016 2:25 pm

I have about 4 of them. I'll list from most favorite to least favorite (in a good way).

1) Sonic CD

Sonic Soundtracks  Wwce-311

This soundtrack alone got me inspired to produce and do Sonic beats and remixes. I played Sonic CD to death on Sonic Gems back in the early 2000s.
I played this a couple of time back in the 90s on PC, but lost the CD. But once I started playing hardcore, the music grew on me and tried to go and download the OST.

That's when I discovered Sonic CD had 2 different Soundtracks. If you loved the "Past" tracks on the US version, then the JP version was pretty a remix collection of the "Past" tunes.
(The US couldn't change the "Past" tracks since it's hardcoded in the game).

Sonic Soundtracks  Cd_cov10Sonic Soundtracks  Sonic_11

I honestly loved both of them. From the US "Sonic Boom" theme song, to the Japanese version of "Stardust Speedway". That's when I got inspired to  remixed both OSTs into one
with the Sonic CD Remastered back in 2009 (which is now Sonic CD SF Edition in 2016).

2) Sonic R

Sonic Soundtracks  Sonic-10

Despite this game is somehow disliked for it's style, Sonic R is one of my 2nd favorites.
This soundtrack is pure 90's Dance and R&B, which may sound outdated for some people, but is super nostalgic to me.

One of the best tracks in that soundtrack is "Diamonds in the Sky" and of course, the catchy "Can you feel the sunshine".
Actually, I enjoyed all of them to be honest. Even "Living in the City" was extremely catchy. I dig it.

3) Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn)

Sonic Soundtracks  7307_f10

Sonic 3D Blast for the Sega Saturn and PC. Man...I recently listened to the OST for the Sega Saturn version and was blown away.
It's produced by the same artist who produced Sonic R. So the 90s Dance and R&B style is in this one.

I grew up with the Sega Genesis version, so I had no idea the Sega Saturn version had an OST like this. Definitely one of my top favorite Soundtracks.

4) Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Soundtracks  61nqha10

There's isn't much to say. This soundtrack was well diverse for a Sonic game. Hip-Hop with Knuckles, Smooth Jazz with Rouge, Rock with Sonic, Techno with Shadow, Electronica with Eggman and Soft Rock with Tails.

Hands down a dope Soundtrack and it's probably why the game is considered to be one of the best 3D Sonic games because the music appeals to literally everyone to keep them playing.

But yeah, that's my take on my favorite Sonic Sountracks. Others I dig that didn't make my list is the Sega Genesis Trilogy and a few modern ones, but they didn't have as much impact compared to the ones above.

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★ New Member ★

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PostSubject: Re: Sonic Soundtracks    Sonic Soundtracks  I_icon_minitimeThu May 26, 2016 11:18 pm

Oh boy this is a pretty difficult question to answer! Overall I think my ultimate favorite Sonic the hedgehog soundtrack is the Japanese version of Sonic CD. But I have lots of other favorites too! So I guess I'll go by era. Since I already listed Sonic CD for the Genesis/add on games, I'll jump to the 8-bit games, and the best soundtrack from the 8-bit games is Sonic Chaos! There's only one song I don't care for off the soundtrack, and that's Gigapolis from the Game Gear version of the game. Overall I think Chaos has a way better soundtrack than any other 8-bit Sonic game. For the dreamcast era, I love Sonic Adventure's soundtrack a bit more than SA2's. I love Sonic Advance 3's soundtrack out of all the advance games. Overall for the modern era, I think it's a tie between Sonic 06's soundtrack and Sonic Color's. Both are pretty good I must say!
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★ E-Rank ★

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PostSubject: Re: Sonic Soundtracks    Sonic Soundtracks  I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 06, 2016 12:57 pm

yea SAB2 is definately one of my favourite ones 15 years later and i can still play the game for hours and love the music

Other then that i dont really remember too many of the soundtracks from sonic games except for the sonic rider series they always had some nice background music too

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PostSubject: Re: Sonic Soundtracks    Sonic Soundtracks  I_icon_minitime

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Sonic Soundtracks
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