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 Gamer ID Thread

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★ E-Rank ★
★ E-Rank ★

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PostSubject: Gamer ID Thread   Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:29 pm

So with this being somewhat of a gaming sub forum, I thought it would be nice to exchange Gamer ID's with each other to be able to add to each other's friend list. in this case it can be from which ever console or handheld you own [Wii U, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Etc.] or if your a PC Gamer, You can show of your steam ID Name as well. I will start by posting mine if anyone wants to add me.

PSN: XeroBlazer
Steam: BlazerKen94
[list to be Updated]

I play mostly Street fighter 4 on my PS3, And skullgirls on steam until i think of more games to get on there.

★SenKetsu Productions ★

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★ SonicFreak ★

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PostSubject: Re: Gamer ID Thread   Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:26 pm

*thread moved to the new off-topic gaming section*

I don't really do much online gaming like I used to.
But my PSN is xKiNGx_xFoXx . Rarely play GTA V online and DBZ Xenoverse.
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★ E-Rank ★

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PostSubject: Re: Gamer ID Thread   Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:48 am

Ahh Team ps3 my psn is KingIshon mostly play cod destiny gta or any good game that has good online

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PostSubject: Re: Gamer ID Thread   

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Gamer ID Thread
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