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  ★ Sonic Rap Beat Contest - The Winners! ★

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★ SonicFreak ★
★ SonicFreak ★

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PostSubject: ★ Sonic Rap Beat Contest - The Winners! ★   Sat Apr 16, 2016 4:48 pm


Congratulations to Merodi, D.Rabb and Kanji! You guys successfully became the top winners of the Sonic Rap Beat Contest for Spring 2016! As your reward you are now featured on ★ SonicFreak Productions ★ Official YouTube!

For those who haven't seen the winning entries yet, you can view them below!

Merodi - 1st Tier Winner

D.Rabb - 2nd Tier Winner

Kanji Kobayashi - 3rd Tier Winner

Congratulations to you guys for submitting and winning the top 3 spots! (As well as everyone else who submitted!). During the voting we had users come close to winning one of these 3 spots and they were Kensabeast, Soul Lo., ALFL, BsterTheProducer and Prophet Tha Prince. You guys came close, so special shout outs!

To everyone else that didn't win, no worries! Your submission Mp3s that you've sent me, will be added into the official Sonic Rap Beat Collection Album for the public to download! So you will still have your music heard and YouTube channel shared and promoted!

The target release of this will be on Monday the 18th! So be sure to lookout for the download!

Thanks for everyone's participation and support!

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★ Sonic Rap Beat Contest - The Winners! ★
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