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 [Sonic 2] Sonic 2: S3 Edition

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PostSubject: [Sonic 2] Sonic 2: S3 Edition   Tue Jun 07, 2016 5:48 pm

GamePlay by Iζά™️

This one is something I was thinking of doing a playthrough on myself, but to those who were kept in the dark on this, Sonic 2 S3 Edition was a Advanced Engine hack created by Alriightyman were The hack ports over Physics and gameplay qualities from sonic 3 within the sonic 2 engine basically to a sense back-porting much of the sonic 3 engine code over to sonic 2. with this having qualities from sonic 3, You can get to experience sonic 2 with Mini Bosses, Level Intermissions, and Various Small Cutscenes. Currently no other releases have been made since 2009, but since the SHC of 2013, He continues to work on it when he can so we may expect to see another release sometime in the future. But other than that, If you wish to play this for yourself, the latest release can be found here.

:s3continue: http://info.sonicretro.org/images/9/90/Sonic_2_S3_Edition_v_2.zip

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[Sonic 2] Sonic 2: S3 Edition
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