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PostSubject: [Add-on] Sonic 2 MP3 Tool   [Add-on] Sonic 2 MP3 Tool I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 24, 2016 8:07 pm

[Add-on] Sonic 2 MP3 Tool Maxresdefault
So with the name in itself, The Sonic 2 MP3 Tool is a custom add-on for the gens emulator created by QJimbo of SonicRetro that allows players to use this specific add-on to be able to play their own type or style of music in sonic 2. this counts also for hacks of sonic 2 as well. very much like sonic 1 with redbook audio or like sonic cd but in this case, only with the add-on through gens. before being able to play this, some notes left behind from the creator that shows how everything is supposed to be setup

Quote :

The mp3 must be named after its soundtrack number which can be found in the games sound test. For example: Emerald Hill Zone's soundtrack number is 02 so the mp3 that will play in this stage should be named 02.mp3. The mp3's, emulator, and Sonic 2 mp3 Tool should all be in the same folder. The program should be started after the emulator has started.


These are the Sound test numbers for the stages and several in-game events.

   01: Two Player VS. Results Screen
   02: Emerald Hill Zone
   03: Two Player VS. Mystic Cave Zone
   04: Oil Ocean Zone
   05: Metropolis Zone
   06: Hill Top Zone
   07: Aquatic Ruins Zone
   08: Two Player VS. Casino Night Zone
   09: Casino Night Zone
   0A: Death Egg Zone
   0B: Mystic Cave Zone
   0C: Two Player VS. Emerald Hill Zone
   0D: Sky Chase Zone
   0E: Chemical Plant Zone
   0F: Wing Fortress Zone
   10: Hidden Palace Zone (lost level)
   11: Options Screen
   12: Special Stage
   13: Boss
   14: Final Boss
   15: Ending
   16: Super Sonic
   17: Invincibility
   18: Extra Life
   19: Title Screen
   1A: Act Completion
   1B: Game Over
   1C: Continue Screen
   1D: Emerald Collection
   1E: Credits
   1F: Drowning Warning

So with this being said, If you want to try this for yourself, here is the download for the add-on itself [Gens Is required to be able to use this add-on]

Download - Sonic 2 MP3 Tool

Along with this, a small playthrough showing off how the addon works
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[Add-on] Sonic 2 MP3 Tool
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