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 ★ Official Forum Rules ★

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PostSubject: ★ Official Forum Rules ★   Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:12 am

What's up members? Here at SonicFreak Forums, I have a set of simple yet straight forward rules to keep the site structured.
Me and the mods of SF Forums will enforce if broken constantly.


1) No spamming, trolling or disrespecting members and staff. Be respectful to the community and don't make too many one word posts or photo comments.

2) Keep the posts PG-13 leveled. This means no excessive cursing or nudity that is NSFW on the forum boards. If you would like to post that kind of stuff, please seek access for the Mature Forum. We keep that stuff separate on that private forum, to keep the site clean for all viewers.

3) Limit 1 account per household. In the past we had trolls and members who cheat polls for extra votes in contests, by creating a fake double account. Members who have more than one account, will have it banned/removed and a warning sent.


Whenever rules are broken, we have a warning system in place to enforce them. We will issue you a warning strike for each time you break a rule (more than once). You only get 3 strikes. Each strike has a certain action, ranging suspension to a permanent ban. Here how it works...

Strike One - This is the first warning strike. Nothing happens, but staff will send you a warning by inbox.

Strike Two - This is the second warning strike. This happens if the user keep breaking the rules and doesn't listen to staff. They are also suspended from the forum for 3 days.

Strike Three  - The third and last strike. Any user who reach strike three, are permanently banned from the website.

*Note: In certain cases, a user maybe banned without warning if they are attacking the forum with constant spam or trolling.
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★ Official Forum Rules ★
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