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 Kega Fusion NetPlay Tutorial

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PostSubject: Kega Fusion NetPlay Tutorial   Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:48 am

Not really a discussion thread but rather a guide.

Ever wished you could play sonic 2 or sonic 3 with friends online like you can with nearly all games of today? well you'll be able to do just that in this tutorial in how you and a couple of friends can play sega genesis games online with each other using the Netplay option Specifically on Kega Fusion for those who may use that as their primary Sega genesis Emulator. Now before I go through with this, a couple of things to be said first.

  • Both Players must have the Roms [Games] that they intend to play named exactly the same as the other, otherwise this won't work
  • Both Players must have the latest version of kega fusion [v3.64 to be exact]
  • One of the players must know how to access their router settings

★Hosting a Server★
[For Advanced Users]

Going back to the router settings, In you web browser, enter you Default gateway ip address as the url to enter your router settings. if neither of you know your ip address, Go the start tab and in the search bar, type cmd and open it up. once opened type ipconfig, press enter and your ip adress will be shown. you will also need your IPv4 IP address as well [for Vista users and Up] For later on for this tutorial so keep that noted somewhere as well. back to your web browser, once entered you should come up to the sign in page for your router. depending if you have a username and password setup, sign in with it, but if not, you should be able to find the your default login settings on the router itself [Not sure of this applies for all routers]. once logged in, go to your advanced firewall settings and you should find an option there called port fowarding or anything related to it. click on it and from there, this is where you can create your own server to use for kega fusion. on the page, enter

  • Name for your Kega fusion server
  • Your IP Address

And for your port protocal, set it to UDP And for the actual port number itself, set it [Type] to 5394-5394 and if available depending on your type of router, enter your IPv4 Address as the main IP Address for your Kega Server. once done save it and your done [A reboot to your router may be required]. you should now be able to host a lobby with no problems. With that out of the way, I can now start. Assuming that you don't have Kega Fusion, download it in the sega genesis emulator thread provided by SonicFreak. Once downloaded, Open it up and load the rom that you and your friend wants to play. Once loaded, on the screen, go to File>Netplay and from here if you want to join a lobby, pick Join Netplay game, or if you want to host a lobby pick Start Netplay game.

★Joining a Lobby★

If joining a Lobby, You will Come up with a screen like this

From here, Simply enter a nickname for yourself that you wish to use and in the server option, enter your friends ip address [IPv4] to be able to join their lobby. once your friends lobby is found click on join and wait for your game to start.
★Creating a Lobby★

If Creating a lobby Assuming that you were successful in making a host server, you will come up with a similar screen like this

Again from here, Enter a nickname that you want to use, only this time after that set the amount of players that you want allowed to join [2-4 players]. in the latency setting, you can set a limit in how fast you want your connection to be. this will effect the overall connection between you and the other player. in the bandwidth setting you can set it to either high to low. this determines your overall quality of your connection in how smooth games will run when playing against someone. once done, click create and wait for your friend to join if you have already given them your IP Address. once they have joined, click on start and you both will now be able to play with or against each other. and that's all there is to it. you should now be able to play online with each other.

So with this being said, Have fun guys. :hypersonic1:

★SenKetsu Productions ★

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PostSubject: Re: Kega Fusion NetPlay Tutorial   Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:49 pm

Word thats sounds awesome, but online play in 2d sonic games or all sonic games would be amazing, because i see potential for multiplayer or competitive play in almost every sonic game i played so uk

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Kega Fusion NetPlay Tutorial
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