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PostSubject: $hadowFreak Here   $hadowFreak Here I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2015 12:39 pm

hello everyone nice too see that this site is growing so fast and i would love to see that someday i be just as famous like sonicfreak/kenken productions etc. :D but i am not that epic in making music since i dont have the stuff for it though :/ but if you can help me out to get some beginners equipment that would be great! but thats all for now thank you for reading this post. peace out and good luck! i would love to stay here as long as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: $hadowFreak Here   $hadowFreak Here I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2015 9:20 pm

Add me on Skype and I could provide you with the necessities and teach you the basics.
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